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The WA Collaboration for Sustainability is an historic partnership of some of Western Australia’s leading non-government organisations, who have joined forces to help create a just and sustainable Western Australia.The WA Collaboration for Sustainability was inspired by the formation of the Australian Collaboration in 2001, and their historic publication A Just and Sustainable Australia. This report describes key social, cultural and environmental issues facing Australia and the actions that should be taken to deal with them.The WA Collaboration for Sustainability was also inspired by the commitment of the WA Government to a more sustainable future for Western Australia through the release of the State Sustainability Strategy.Since then, the WA Collaboration for Sustainability has continued to advocate for a just and sustainable Western Australia, as well as work to raise awareness about sustainability more generally.This website contains information about the WA Collaboration for Sustainability and how you can get involved, as well as a wide range of links to further information about sustainability.

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